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Anywhere That Is Wild: John Muir's First Walk to Yosemite

Anywhere That Is Wild: John Muir's First Walk to Yosemite



ISBN-13: 9781930238831

ISBN-10: 1930238835.0

Language: English


John Muir wrote many wonderful books about his travels, but one story--about his long walk from San Francisco to Yosemite--is one book he did not author himself. In April 1868, a very young John Muir stepped off a boat in San Francisco and inquired about the quickest way out of town. "But where do you want to go?" was the response, to which Muir replied, "Anywhere that is wild." Using Muir's personal correspondence and published articles, Peter and Donna Thomas have reconstructed the real story of Muir's literal ramblings over California hills and through dales, with lofty Sierra Nevada peaks, Englishmen, and bears mixed in for good measure. The trip is illustrated by charming cut-paper illustrations that take their inspiration from Muir's love of nature. John Muir's story-telling is so compelling that even 150 years later, seeing the world through his eyes makes us want to head out into the wild.
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