Diamonds in the Water: A Furnace Awaits You (Diamonds in the Water Trilogy)

Diamonds in the Water: A Furnace Awaits You (Diamonds in the Water Trilogy)

Author: McCrimons


ISBN-13: 9781504388764

ISBN-10: 1504388763.0

Language: English

Category: Fiction / Historical


Diamonds in the Water explores the life of Windsor Langford Waterbury III, born in 1901 into a wealthy and privileged New York family and trained to become an empathetic and worldly respected physician. Early on, he is guided and directed by dear family members and close friends who instill a revered ethical standard in him. He was taught to use his hands as well as his mind to gain an appreciation for the sufferings of others, the value of hard work, and the distinct philanthropic use of money. By all accounts, his life appears perfect. As the story unfolds, the reader will come to realize that Dr. Waterbury's life is anything but unblemished. He faces many challenges, including malicious manipulation, life-threatening illness, great love loss, and the unexpected and delayed revelation of a family secret about his highly regarded and influential grandfather. This secret offers curiosity and intrigue; it also precipitates the scrutinizing review of Dr. Waterbury's life as he shares his grandfather's memoirs with close family and friends. Throughout the novel, the author created characters who effortlessly encounter and interact with actual historical figures and events, who observe the emergence of scientific and technological discoveries, and whose lives are affected by the economic and social conditions of the time and place. Although the characters represent the full spectrum of fundamental personality expression, there will be a remarkably distinguished few who promote a better life experience for others. Like the world's rarest, most precious diamonds, these distinct spiritually bound participants are resilient, unalterable, and priceless. And like the ongoing river waters seeking entry to the vast oceans, they individually continue their journey despite the obstacles and unpredictable turns; they are willing to move over, under, or around them to follow their path to its destination, shimmering and connected to life's true forces.

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