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Dreaming into Knowing: The Way of The Innernaut

Dreaming into Knowing: The Way of The Innernaut



ISBN-13: 9798765247327


Language: English


Dreaming into Knowing was written by a person who remains unnamed. You can call him the Innernaut, who like astronauts who travel the vast expanses of space in search of new understanding, is on a mission to do the same thing - only on the inner planes. His body does not come along. He travels in the landscapes of meditation and dreams. The Innernaut has been recording his dreams for twenty years, seeking the roots of the universe beyond the manifested appearance of life. After each dreaming episode, he makes conclusions and poses questions and instructions to help you find the way inward to personal experiences. As you do so, you may feel something akin to swimming in an unknown substance neither of the world nor outside of it. Let go into this substance and be taken up by it. If you succeed, you may find yourself delighted as you realize that you, too, are an Innernaut.
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