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Gotta Go! Gotta Go!: A Picture Book (Sunburst Book)

Gotta Go! Gotta Go!: A Picture Book (Sunburst Book)

Author: Swope


ISBN-13: 9780374427863

ISBN-10: 374427860.0

Language: English

Category: Juvenile Fiction / Nature & the Natural World / Environment


An incredible journey

"I don't know much, but I know what I know. I gotta go! I gotta go! I gotta go to Mexico!" The creepy-crawly bug doesn't know why she does what she does. She only knows she has to do it. But making the journey seems impossible for the slow-moving critter, who has no idea what or where Mexico is. Then an everyday miracle occurs, bringing a transformation that will help her fulfill her destiny. Each autumn, millions of Monarch butterflies migrate from the central and eastern United States and Canada to colonies in the mountains of Mexico, where they mate before flying north in the spring to lay their eggs. In simple, jaunty text and pictures, Sam Swope and Sue Riddle celebrate the amazing story of one of these intrepid bugs.
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