Military Camouflage

Military Camouflage

Author: Lowry


ISBN-13: 9781398108608

ISBN-10: 139810860X

Language: English

Category: Antiques & Collectibles / Military


Lavishly illustrated throughout, this is a fascinating history of military concealment. Explaining the fascinating challenges of the new ways of warfare.

The advent of the twentieth century ushered in new forms of warfare. On the high seas the submarine would challenge the supremacy of surface craft, and in the air the airplane offered new forms of both attack and reconnaissance. The advent of the tank made cavalry redundant and speeded-up the pace of war. Concealment, or the ability to confuse the enemy, could profoundly affect military operations and individual survival. Uniforms became drab for concealment but in their camouflaged forms could denote elite fighting units. Artists were mobilized to devise concealment and the natural world played its part. Assumptions were made that had to be corrected.

This book explains the fascinating challenges of the new ways of warfare and how concealment by camouflage played its part.
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