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Nature's Fire And Water

Nature's Fire And Water

Author: Hawley


ISBN-13: 9780595526833

ISBN-10: 595526837.0

Language: English

Category: Fiction / Thrillers / General


Chuck Springer, once the head of International Applied Hydrogen, is asked to come back out of retirement after a major eruption of Mount St. Helens. Chuck reluctantly agrees and decides to tame Mount St. Helens by using the heat of the magma under the volcano to make hydrogen and oxygen from water. This further enrages the rogue oil company that has been trying to kill Chuck. After a request by Chuck's daughter to tame an active volcano on Grand Comore, Dr. Ned McKnight from the World Heath Organization suggests the use of melting water from an iceberg to supply water for irrigation of the Kalahari Desert. Then horticulturist Dick Mackinaw asks for help to combine a process for growing switchgrass with a geothermal project. Overwhelmed by these requests Chuck talks to his brother, Dennis, about hiring Kurt Banning. Kurt helped save Chuck's life after a plane crash and impressed him as a born leader.
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