Revenge Plan: A Domestic Psychological Thriller

Revenge Plan: A Domestic Psychological Thriller

Author: Carlisle


ISBN-13: 9780639773070

ISBN-10: 639773079.0

Language: English

Category: Fiction / Thrillers / Suspense


'I never thought that anyone would end up dead.'

Abigail. Lauren. Emma. Hayley. Fiona. Jenna. Claire. Seven best friends. But one night something bad happened... and they made a bad plan...

'It was just another drunken girls' night, one of so many over the years, but that night was the catalyst for everything bad that happened afterwards. As we threw back shots, laughed, and posed for photos, we had no idea what was about to happen in the near future, or how our lives would be changed forever.

'We'd met at the school gates, young mothers dropping off our kids outside the local primary school, but fast forward a couple of decades or so and we were empty nesters with too much time on our hands.

'We were bored housewives attempting to recapture a youth that existed only in our memories, desperate to show the world that we were still relevant, still attractive, still worthy of attention - which we sought with every photo posted by one or the other of us on our various social media pages.

'It was around this time that someone mentioned a dating app they were on. I suppose that's when it all really started...'

A character-driven, slow burn, domestic psychological crime thriller that picks up the pace as events begin to spiral out of control, with devastating consequences.

The first-person narrative is told from Abigail's perspective, and is written in British English.

Revenge Plan is the debut standalone psychological thriller from the author of the Sasha Blue Mystery series.

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