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The Leaderboard: Conversations on Golf and Life

The Leaderboard: Conversations on Golf and Life

Author: Alcott


ISBN-13: 9781416535478

ISBN-10: 1416535470.0

Language: English


Golf legend Amy Alcott talks with twenty-seven celebrated individuals about the one thing they have in common--the game they love.

n this entertaining and fascinating collection of candid conversations, Amy Alcott offers a rare look at the personal lives and experiences--both on and off the golf course--of prominent entertainers, athletes, political leaders, and other influential figures. A fierce love of the game connects them all, but their varied anecdotes show how this magical sport has touched each of their lives in unique ways.

Some highlights: Bill Clinton reveals why Hillary encouraged him to start playing again in his late twenties; Jack Nicholson explains how he began to play golf in his forties and became good enough to shoot a sixty-five; and Ben Crenshaw reminisces about his close relationship with Harvey Penick and about winning the 1995 Masters just days after serving as a pallbearer at Penick's funeral.

At times poignant, illuminating, and laugh-out-loud funny, The Leaderboard is sure to inspire and capture the imaginations of golf fans everywhere.
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