Wanted by You (Montgomery Brothers of Montana)

Wanted by You (Montgomery Brothers of Montana)

Author: Boss


ISBN-13: 9781963564020

ISBN-10: 1963564022.0

Language: English


Cassidy Clark He's the biggest jerk in town and the oldest of the Montgomery brothers.Standing tall and built like a chiseled god who could lift a truck, he owns the biggest logging company in Montana. Everyone wants a piece of him-and his wallet.Of course, he's got that broody, mountain man vibe with a signature smoldering scowl every woman with a pulse wants to pounce on.All except me. I can't stand him.But when the grouchy logger comes to my aid more than once, I'm left wondering if there's more to him than the short-tempered coffee addict I thought he was.Now I can't help wanting a little taste. Butch Montgomery She works at the local coffee shop and writes greeting cards. Who even buys cards anymore? She doodles on the to-go cups, whether it's a flower or a kindhearted message to lift someone's spirit for the day-I can't stand it.What's even more frustrating is she doesn't do any of it for me. Not since I complained one single time about not wanting a flower drawn on my morning cup of coffee.Yet her smart mouth and stunning smile get me every time. She's beautiful, but she'll never want a guy like me.And I don't blame her. I'm hard to love.So when I get a chance to be her knight in dirty jeans and work boots, I don't pass up the opportunity to show her how she truly makes me feel.And I'll do anything to be the lucky man who gets to call her mine.

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