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100 Tokyo Sights: Discover Tokyo's Hidden Gems

100 Tokyo Sights: Discover Tokyo's Hidden Gems

Author: Mansfield


ISBN-13: 9784805315088

ISBN-10: 4805315083.0

Language: English


Tokyo lives up to its reputation as a modern metropolis and, as this book shows, it is also one of the most exciting and diverse places on the planet.

Focusing on Tokyo and its surrounding areas, photojournalist Stephen Mansfield brings this buzzing place to life within these pages. He presents all the well-established sights along with many new ones that are not "discovered" yet. This book will provide inspiration for every traveler--whether your interests are J-culture, fashion, food, traditional crafts, gardens or nature trails (or all of the above!).

This visual guide is the perfect introduction for anyone planning a trip to Tokyo, reminiscing about time spent there or those hoping to go in the future.
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