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Ahoy Sailor!

Ahoy Sailor!

Author: Rozensztroch


ISBN-13: 9781938461569

ISBN-10: 1938461568.0

Language: English


- Perfect for any collector or lover of the sea

- Featuring an incredible collections of images, works of art, photographs, about sailors

- Introductory essay by Cathie Fidler

Ahoy Sailor! offers the reader another mesmerizing foray into the mind of uber collector and archivist of the everyday, Daniel Rozensztroch. We are transported across the ocean, from port to port, as Ahoy Sailor! gathers and presents a singular collection of objects, images, and representations of sailors and seamen. The ocean has inspired an expansive world of vernacular and popular imagery, much of it uncanny and unique, produced by the tension between the laws of nature that rule the oceans and the miniature floating societies left to their mercy. Adventures, secret ritual, solitude, and comradery are all given their place.

Meticulously drawn together, and with an individuality that has become his trademark, Rozensztroch gives the reader a visual feast that ranges from antique toys and postage stamps to French artist Jean Cocteau's beguiling sketches found in Jean Genet's cult-classic Querelle de Brest.

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