Apocalpticos e integrados / Apocalypse Postponed: Essays by Umberto Eco (Spanish Edition)

Apocalpticos e integrados / Apocalypse Postponed: Essays by Umberto Eco (Spanish Edition)

Author: Eco

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ISBN-13: 9788426407993

ISBN-10: 8426407994.0

Language: Spanish

Category: Literary Criticism / Semiotics & Theory


Una colecci�n de ensayos magistrales sobre la cultura de masas.

En estos ensayos magistrales, en los que analiza la estructura del mal gusto, la lectura de c�mics, el mito de Superman, la canci�n de consumo, el papel de los medios audiovisuales como instrumento de informaci�n o el influjo de la televisi�n en el mundo actual, Umberto Eco se plantea el problema central de la doble postura ante la cultura de masas: la de los apocal�pticos, que ven en ella el signo de una ca�da irrecuperable, y la de los integrados, que creen de forma optimista que estamos viviendo una magn�fica generalizaci�n del marco cultural.

Publicados originalmente en 1964, estos textos «l�cidos, persuasivos e ingeniosos de un autor realmente particular, sustancial, brillante y muy divertido� (Kirkus Reviews) componen un libro ic�nico y visionario que marc� nuestra �poca y que a d�a de hoy contin�a siendo una obra de referencia.


An erudite and witty collection of Umberto Eco's essays on mass culture.

In these masterful essays, in which he analyzes mass culture's ugly tastes, the reading of comics, the myth of Superman, consumer's likes and dislikes, the role of mass media as an information tool, and television's influence in today's world, Umberto Eco raises the main problem with the two different viewpoints facing mass culture today: that of those with an apocalyptic view, who see it all as a sign of an irrevocable demise, and that of those with a more positive outlook, who optimistically believe that we are living the magnificent generalization of a cultural framework.

Originally published in 1964, these texts that are "lucid, persuasive, and artfully illustrated essays, by an author who is substantial, lucid, humane, and a great deal of fun" (Kirkus Reviews) make up an iconic and visionary book that marked our times and one that continues to be a work of reference in today's world.
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