Beyond the Sorrow: There's Hope in the Promises of God

Beyond the Sorrow: There's Hope in the Promises of God

Author: Trent


ISBN-13: 9780718038878

ISBN-10: 718038878.0

Language: English


People everywhere are facing difficult situations and they need to know how to cope with the frustration and other overwhelming emotions that accompany any uncertain situation. This book of hope from Tammy interweaves third-person stories and letters of people who needed--and found--encouragement. We're not alone in our fight . . . in our struggles ... in our loneliness...or in our questions. Other people are going through tough times too, and are pressing on through the storms. It's usually easier for us to press on when we see that others have gone before us and have found joy again. We often need others to stand in the gap for us, when we cannot stand on our own during those difficult times. If we look--if we watch, we'll see and notice that we are never alone. When it's more then we can bear--Jesus stands in those gaps for us. He is able. Give it to God and let Him put your life back together again!

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