DARK WORLD (Aiden Deen and the Lost)

DARK WORLD (Aiden Deen and the Lost)

Author: Bashir

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ISBN-13: 9781738489527

ISBN-10: 1738489523.0

Language: English


Fantasy quest story about a boy who must restore a planet from darkness. Aiden is tasked to locate the Hell Queen's hosts on an alien world where he hopes to find his father. ​​​​​​​In Realm of Exiles, Aiden relays the horror of facing the demon Asmodeus and letting slip a secret he has been keeping about the most powerful djinn alive. He is ordered by Great Mai to obey Prince Eloyhin. Aiden allows Eloyhin into his stepfather's nightmare, only to realise Eloyhin has found something very important. Eloyhin will teach him a very valuable lesson.
In Dark World, Aiden has no memory of the Immortal realm but quickly realises the Mother of All Missions has begun. Why was slayer Wayne swapped with his brothers and sisters? Of course, he knows the first step is to befriend the ghost. The ghosts tells him he has no choice but to lead his unsuspecting siblings onto a dark world to restore the Heart of Ethyrus. Matthew and Arif don't know what dangers lie ahead. Aroosa is snatched by sirens. Eliza is possessed by a dead queen. Aiden must learn to trust the ghost and the skills he has, to unmask the Hell Queen's hosts. Where danger lies, humans play. Where humans play, devils wait.

Djinnkind are fighting an ageless war. Humans don't have a clue that the apocalypse has begun. The Exiles must contain it. In accordance with a prophesy, Aiden the half-breed was created to slay the ninth host of the Hell Queen. With each of her hosts, her powers will magnify. The Hell Queen does not know a slayer has been created specifically for her Ninth Power. Bloodthirsty, flesh eating hellspawns multiply. Worlds are at stake. Aiden must save the Jades so Earth can be saved. He must slay the Hell Queen's hosts, even if it means using his brothers and sisters. Aiden would face the Hell Queen and Abaddon the Terrible himself, if it brings him closer to finding his fireborn father.

Author: Ahmer Bashir is a British Muslim writer based in Bradford, England.
Author's note: This story was born as a metaphor for the trials of living with a life-long illness. Characters came to life. Life demands drama. Drama demands soul. The body breathes.

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