Dead Man's Legacy

Dead Man's Legacy

Author: Bono


ISBN-13: 9781039192669

ISBN-10: 1039192661.0

Language: English

Category: Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural


Salvatore Marchetti has spent thirty-two years working at the same small bank in Queens and his heart is failing, so when amateur bank robbers overlook a small fortune during a heist, Sal seizes the chance of a lifetime-he pockets the cash for his struggling family. However, his sudden death spurs the race to find the missing money, drawing together a cross-section of early 60s New Yorkers: a couple of hard-nosed NYPD detectives, the Mafia, a scheming bank manager, a stockbroker son, a trio of dope fiends destined for Sing Sing, a vengeful former lover, and a bewildered widow. Grizzled detective O'Reardon wants one last solve before his retirement, and his relentless search is tempered only by his habit of falling for the women he's investigating. Meanwhile, Laura Marchetti, Sal's straitlaced, religious widow, sees her chance to outsmart them all-but reluctantly, she'll need to involve her mob boss father first.
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