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Gigantosaurus: The Last Dragonfly

Gigantosaurus: The Last Dragonfly

Author: Cyber Group Studios


ISBN-13: 9781536214000

ISBN-10: 1536214000.0

Language: English

Category: Juvenile Fiction / Media Tie-In


Can Mazu the ankylosaurus find a way to protect a rare dragonfly? Find out in a fun story based on the Disney animated TV series Gigantosaurus.

When Mazu discovers a rare dragonfly -- the last of its kind -- she is determined to find a safe place for the tiny creature to lay her eggs. But when the Raptors steal the dragonfly, Mazu needs to figure out a way to convince them to give it back. She offers to trade for something even more exotic: a scale from Gigantosaurus! But how will Mazu snatch one from the biggest, scariest dinosaur of all? She'll have to use her smarts. And nobody is better at that than Mazu!
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