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High Blood Pressure For Dummies

High Blood Pressure For Dummies

Author: Snyder

Very Good

ISBN-13: 9781394224944

ISBN-10: 139422494X

Language: English

Category: Health & Fitness / Diet & Nutrition / Diets


Maintain healthy blood pressure with timeless wisdom and new breakthroughs in prevention and treatment

High Blood Pressure For Dummies explains all you need to know about blood pressure--and what to do when it gets too high. High blood pressure can lead to serious complications, but with lifestyle changes and medication, it's easily treatable. This jargon-free, compassionate book walks you through the necessary changes to help lower blood pressure and live a healthy life. You'll be well equipped to determine if you're at risk and consider the medical consequences of hypertension. From there, develop a successful treatment plan and choose the right foods for you. With this Dummies guide, you can learn to prioritize you and your health.

  • Learn what hypertension is, what causes it, and how it can be prevented and treated
  • Improve your quality of life and live longer by focusing on a healthy blood pressure
  • Understand your doctor's recommendations and discover diet and lifestyle factors that you can control
  • Find out about new research on hypertension causes, treatments, and genetic influences

This new edition of High Blood Pressure For Dummies is great for people with high blood pressure, their caregivers, and anyone with a family history who wants to better understand the condition.

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