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Homeschool Rising: Shattering Myths, Finding Courage, and Opting Out of the School System

Homeschool Rising: Shattering Myths, Finding Courage, and Opting Out of the School System

Author: Hessler-Groza

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ISBN-13: 9781394191536

ISBN-10: 1394191537.0

Language: English

Category: Education / Parent Participation


Take a good look at the reasons why homeschooling can help today's kids thrive

Homeschool Rising is a guide for anyone interested in homeschooling their children, regardless of background. It busts through the myths surrounding homeschooling, reveals the gross inadequacies in our current school system, and demonstrates how home education can provide a solution for students and families everywhere.

There are many assumptions made about homeschooling--that your child will be 'socially awkward' due to lack of social interaction, that parents and caregivers are not equipped to educate their children, that homeschooling is only for White, Christian, middle-class parents, and more. In this book, experienced educator Christy-Faith disproves all these assumptions. The truth is, homeschooling sets today's students up for success in a way traditional schooling no longer can. This evidence-grounded yet casual and relatable guide to homeschooling gives you everything you need to know as you consider launching your homeschooling journey:

  • Clear up the confusion and misconceptions surrounding homeschooling
  • See why homeschooling is a great option for kids of any race, religion, and background
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to start your kids off on the right foot with homeschooling
  • Make sure your homeschooled kids are getting the support they need academically and socially

New and experienced homeschoolers looking for support, as well as educators, psychologists, and others who work with homeschooled children, will love the clear and conversational information in Homeschool Rising.

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