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Improve with Improv!

Improve with Improv!

Author: Jones


ISBN-13: 9780916260989

ISBN-10: 916260984.0

Language: English


This book is a complete improvisational curriculum program divided into twenty class-length workshops. Each workshop contains carefully selected exercises designed to help students focus on one aspect of a character's personality. Students learn how to create characters from their own imaginations using solo and ensemble pantomime, physicalizing, vocal technique, props, and more. Gestures, facial expressions, voice, and body language are studied in isolation. Many ensemble sketches are included, along with a final improv sketch with enough roles for all members of a large class. The book also includes a class syllabus and guidelines, a character outline sheet, character examples, and a reading list. This is a must for any drama program wanting to teach improvisation, but not knowing where to start.

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