Jacob's Dilemma

Jacob's Dilemma

Author: Greer


ISBN-13: 9781774711521

ISBN-10: 1774711524.0

Language: English

Category: Juvenile Fiction / Readers / Chapter Books


The anticipated middle-grade follow-up to the award-winning Jacob's Landing finds Jacob trapped in a moral dilemma when his biological mom tracks him down just when he's about to be adopted.

Thirteen-year-old Jacob has settled into life in Newport Landing with his grandparents after the sudden death of his father. His foster mother, Maggie, is getting ready to move to the province and adopt him; he has a close friend, Ruby, who lives nearby; and oh, yes--he recently found a literal fortune and he, his family, and the boat museum nearby are set for life.

After the local paper publishes an article about his lucky find and generous donation to the museum, though, Jacob's life is turned upside down again. His mother, who left him and his father so long ago Jacob can't even remember her, finds him.

Jade is everything Jacob is not: reckless, wild, a rule breaker. Jacob is trying to keep up with her and keep her a secret from his grandparents, who will barely speak her name. The more tensions build, the more Jacob worries he has a terrible choice ahead.

Full of local colour, this heartfelt follow-up to the Hackmatack award-nominatedJacob's Landing shows the complex tangle of grief and hope, and explores the many ways a family is made.

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