Laura's Lullaby

Laura's Lullaby

Author: Otteson


ISBN-13: 9780595509744

ISBN-10: 595509746.0

Language: English

Category: Fiction / Romance / Erotica


When Laura Wilson dies at the age of ninety, her caregiver discovers a key that does much more than unlock a beautiful Oriental chest. It unlocks a door to Laura's tangled past-a life replete with joys, sorrows, and surprises. Advance Praise for Laura's Lullaby "Laura's Lullaby is rich in local color, character, and theme. The story includes a secret and a memorably touching turn of events. Laura is the distant, eccentric auntie about whose life you only thought you knew. An authentically 'good read'." -Gary Townsend, Idaho Writers League "The simple style of Laura's Lullaby illustrates to the reader through deep insights that every life has its disappointments, its triumphs, and in the end, its redemption. Laura's Lullaby leads one to wonder how many humble, unassuming people there are among us whose stories are never told." -Karen A. Jeppsen, B.M., BYU; grandmother of fourteen "In Laura's Lullaby, the reader peers through a kaleidoscope, glimpsing the personality of one charming senior citizen from beginning to end. As the layers peel back to reveal her desires, passions, and tender experiences, Laura's story becomes a fascinating study of the idiosyncrasies that makes one person unique." -Polly O. Strobelt, geriatric registered nurse
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