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Leah Limon Versus the Golden Chef (World War Food)

Leah Limon Versus the Golden Chef (World War Food)

Author: Miller

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ISBN-13: 9798988887669


Language: English

Category: Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Stories


My name is Leah Lim�n, and I was the first human to battle a monster in a cooking contest. I know! Historic, right? Especially when you consider our fight led to a globe-spanning food war. Since we're dealing with legit historical events though, I need you to be serious and read this official book description in your best movie trailer voice. This is my origin tale, after all, and everyone knows origin tales are super serious. All right, movie trailer voice - ENGAGE.

Food-obsessed kid Leah Lim�n has always dreamed of becoming a chef, but in a world where celebrity monsters control the cooking industry, there's no place for humans in the kitchen. Fortunately for Leah, Plain City has had serious tourism trouble since Margie the monster unexpectedly closed his restaurant and left town, and she's offered a spot in his kitchen if she can convince him to return. Unfortunately for Leah, not every monster is happy a human is trying to enter the restaurant industry. And they'll do whatever it takes to stop her, including but not limited to spying, entr�e sabotage, and high stakes cooking contests.

This very moment ... Coming to a reading chair near you ... It's Leah Lim�n Versus The Golden Chef! (Cue movie trailer explosions.)

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