My Very First Mother Goose Puzzle Book

My Very First Mother Goose Puzzle Book

Author: Mickelson


ISBN-13: 9781480849556

ISBN-10: 1480849553.0

Language: English

Category: Juvenile Fiction / Nursery Rhymes


Do you think you know Mother Goose? Are you up for fun and challenges for the whole family? In My Very First Mother Goose Puzzle Book, author Richard Mickelson and illustrator Patty Fleckenstein have taken Mother Goose to a whole new level of fun for young and old.

Through a unique mix of nursery rhymes and beautifully rendered illustrations, it introduces children to the timeless Mother Goose nursery rhymes and engages them in counting, recognizing colors, and the joy of solving puzzles. Each picture contains a unique visual blending of two nursery rhymes where the reader decides which characters in the pictures go with each rhyme.

Filled with the wonderful world of puzzles to help develop children's observation skills and memory, My Very First Mother Goose Puzzle Book teaches life situations through forty-eight rhymes and twenty-four illustrations.

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