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Nest of Matches

Nest of Matches

Author: Whittemore


ISBN-13: 9781637680896

ISBN-10: 1637680899.0

Language: English


Poems that bask in the beauty of nature, queerness, and love while exploring how dichotomies form identity.

Amie Whittemore's Nest of Matches is a lavish declaration of the beauty of the natural world, queer identity, and of the imagination set free. Whittemore's third collection explores the complexities of love--romantic, familial, and love for place--and wonders at cycles of life, finding that: "Every habit / even love--strangest / of them all--offers exhaustion / and renewal." Moving seamlessly from meditations on the moon's phases to explorations of dream spaces to searches for meaning through patterns of love and loss, Whittemore's work embodies the mysteries of dichotomies--grief and joy, consciousness and unconsciousness, habit and spontaneity--and how they coexist to create our identities. Throughout the collection, Whittemore reveals how interior nature manifests into exterior habits and how physical landscapes shape the psyche.
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