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Owning It: Proven Strategies to Ace and Embrace Teaching (Effective Teaching Strategies to Improve Classroom Management and Increase Teacher Empowerment)

Owning It: Proven Strategies to Ace and Embrace Teaching (Effective Teaching Strategies to Improve Classroom Management and Increase Teacher Empowerment)

Author: Kajitani, Crum, Fishcer, Pincus-Kajitani


ISBN-13: 9781947604117

ISBN-10: 1947604112.0

Language: English

Category: Education / Teaching Methods & Materials / General


With foreword by Harry K. Wong

Change is coming at us from all angles: technological, cultural, social, and environmental. This presents a great challenge (and a great opportunity) in schools and in the teaching profession. With Owning It, you'll discover an array of easy-to-implement strategies designed to help you excel in the myriad of modern-day responsibilities of teachers and educators: classroom leader, mentor, colleague, team member, and public professional.

This book will empower teachers to own their careers, teach effectively, and develop strong relationships:
  • Acquire straightforward strategies for dealing with everyday situations found in classrooms, schools, and communities.
  • Understand the multifaceted role of a teacher in today's schools and how to balance the numerous responsibilities -- from classroom management to relationships with colleagues.
  • Feel inspired and motivated to bring out the best in yourself as well as in your students.
  • Observe creative approaches to improve teaching strategies and student engagement.
  • Answer reflection questions to connect with and relate to the strategies covered in the book.


Part 1: Owning It in Your Classroom: Strategies for Creating an Environment of Achievement
Chapter 1: Revisit Your Personal Philosophy's Value
Chapter 2: Make the Most of the First Five Minutes of Any Class
Chapter 3: Increase Your Classroom Presence to Seem Like You're Everywhere at Once
Chapter 4: Never Sabotage a Teachable Moment
Chapter 5: Help Students Learn Out Loud and Still Keep a Handle on Your Classroom
Chapter 6: Transform Your Perception of Data and Help Your Students Succeed
Chapter 7: Think Outside the Bubble on All-Important Standardized Tests

Part 2: Owning It With Your Most Challenging Students: Strategies for Succeeding With At-Risk and Struggling Student Populations
Chapter 8: Bring Ethnic Identity and Culturally Relevant Curriculum Into Your Classroom
Chapter 9: Close the Achievement Gap With At-Risk Students
Chapter 10: Succeed With At-Risk Youth
Chapter 11: Manage Disruptive Classroom Behavior
Chapter 12: Establish a Negotiation With At-Risk and Struggling Students
Chapter 13: Reel Parents in With Three Basic Strategies
Chapter 14: Empower Students by Putting Them in Charge

Part 3: Owning It at Your School and District: Strategies for Succeeding as a Member of a Staff Team
Chapter 15: Turn "Not Another Meeting" Into "Let's Get to Business!"
Chapter 16: Help Your School's New Teachers Succeed (and Stick Around)
Chapter 17: Improve Schools by Minding Collegial Generation Gaps
Chapter 18: Approach a Colleague About a Conflict
Chapter 19: Five Ways to Make Shared Positions Work for Teachers, Students, and Administrators

Part 4: Owning It in Your Community: Strategies for Making a Positive Impact Beyond Your School and Classroom
Chapter 20: Turn Potential Foes Into Supportive Allies
Chapter 21: Put the Spotlight on Your School
Chapter 22: Get Teachers Into the Community and the Community Into Teachers
Chapter 23: Step Up and Share Your Ideas With Fellow Educators
Chapter 24: Make Blogs an Essential Support Mechanism for Teaching

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