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Pink Floyd in Objects

Pink Floyd in Objects

Author: Povey


ISBN-13: 9781787391628

ISBN-10: 1787391620.0

Language: English


Explore one of the most important and influential bands in the world as never before--through the objects that defined it.

The story of Pink Floyd has been told . . . but never like this. Pink Floyd in Objects looks at the great psychedelic rock band through the items that they created, instruments they played, music they wrote, and posters, photographs, and props from their amazing stage shows. The original, priceless, and sometimes ordinary objects are presented in chronological order, and together they paint a complete picture of the group's history.

Starting with the mythical Architectural Abdabs press cutting from 1964 and ending with the set list for Nick Mason's 2018 Saucerful of Secrets revival, this collection takes in vehicles (the Bedford van the group first used, an airship, even a flying pig!), paper-based memorabilia (a UFO Club flyer from 1968, ticket to Live Aid), instruments (VCS3 synth, Great Wave drum kit, the Black Strat), records ("Lucy Leave/King Bee" single, Animals 8-track cartridge, color vinyl albums) and many more interesting artifacts that will fascinate the band's millions of fans.

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