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Say You Swear (Boys of Avix, 1)

Say You Swear (Boys of Avix, 1)

Author: Brandy

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ISBN-13: 9781464221910

ISBN-10: 146422191X

Language: English


Her brother's best friend broke her heart, but what happens when his new teammate wants to put it back together?

Arianna Johnson has always dreamed of what her college life might bring, and with this gorgeous, oceanside summer, it's finally coming over the horizon. So much has changed over the years, but there's always been one constant. The boy her heart always returned to no matter where her imagination ran: Chase. Her brother's best friend. This is the summer she'll finally tell him how she feels.

It's him. It's always been him.

Until it isn't.

When Ari meets star quarterback Noah Riley, her heart is in splinters and her future is uncertain. His friendship is exactly what she needs, but from the start, he wants more. And unlike Ari, he's not afraid to go after what he wants. Even when Chase comes back into the picture, even when tragedy strikes, even when Ari doesn't know her own heart, Noah will fight for their feelings for each matter what it might cost them both.

They say first loves last forever. All Ari can hope for is that it's not true.

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