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Seek Higher Ground: The Natural Solution to Our Urgent Flooding Crisis

Seek Higher Ground: The Natural Solution to Our Urgent Flooding Crisis

Author: Palmer

Very Good

ISBN-13: 9780520382732

ISBN-10: 520382730.0

Language: English

Category: Nature / Ecosystems & Habitats / Rivers


Pairing in-depth journalism with historical perspectives, this book makes a compelling case for a natural solution to the growing problem of flooding.

With Seek Higher Ground, environmental writer and former land-use planner Tim Palmer explores the legacy of flooding in America, taking a fresh look at the emerging climatic, economic, and ecological realities of our rivers and communities. Global warming is forecast to sharply intensify flooding, and this book urges that we reduce future damage in the most effective, efficient, and equitable ways possible.

Through historical narrative, rigorous reporting, and decades of vivid personal experience, Palmer details how our society's approach to flood control has been infamously inadequate and chronically counterproductive. He builds a powerful argument for both the protection of floodplain open space and for programs that help people voluntarily relocate their homes away from high-water hazards. Only by recognizing the indomitable forces of nature--and adapting to them--can we thrive in the challenging climate to come.
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