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Swallowing Stones

Swallowing Stones

Author: McDonald


ISBN-13: 9780307976093

ISBN-10: 307976092.0

Language: English


For anyone who has wanted to change the past, this captivating and haunting novel is about seemingly innocent choices and their devastating consequences.

When Michael fires his new rifle into the air on his seventeenth birthday, he never imagines that the bullet will end up killing someone. But it does--and Michael's world is changed forever. Desperate, he wrestles with his guilt and keeps silent as his life begins to fall apart.

When Jenna's father is killed in a freak Fourth of July accident, she's devastated. As she grieves, she tries to understand why she no longer feels comfortable with her boyfriend, Jason, and why a guy named Michael keeps appearing in her dreams. . . .

"[An] electrifying portrayal of fear and deception." -Publishers Weekly
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