Ten Seconds Too Late

Ten Seconds Too Late

Author: Baca

Like New

ISBN-13: 9781963930221

ISBN-10: 1963930223

Language: English

Category: Fiction / Romance / Suspense


History is repeating itself in the most horrific way.

I never wanted to hurt Elena. Being my best friend's little sister, I knew falling for her would be life-changing. Yet the first time we kissed, something shifted inside of me. I knew without a shadow of a doubt I would give my life to protect her.

Then I began to notice disturbingly familiar trends.

Pulling away.

Distancing herself from everything and everyone.

Frequent panic attacks.

This was the same pattern my sister slipped into before her suicide. I thought the passion between Elena and I would be enough to pull her through. But things are happening in her mind she can't explain, leaving me terrified for her well-being.

I need to keep her safe, even as she pushes me away. Doing so means delving into the past to uncover dark truths buried deep. Can I untangle the web of lies surrounding us? Or will my failure cost Elena her life?

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