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The Bones of Prophecy: The Elder Blade - Book one

The Bones of Prophecy: The Elder Blade - Book one

Author: Rokusson

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ISBN-13: 9789083362236

ISBN-10: 908336223X

Language: English

Category: Fiction / Fantasy / Epic


Forged in hate. Chained by fate.

Azran possesses three gifts that evoke unease in both allies and enemies alike - sorcery to edge his blade, unsavoury virtues, and an ill-favoured, imaginary friend. Yet, even Azran isn't knowing in carrying the fourth: the Elder blade, glacier-forged, with a will of its own.

After fulfilling his master's latest orders, Azran awakes inside a mausoleum, with both his memories and sorcery gone. Clasped in the hands of a corpse is a centuries-old letter, addressed to him. If Azran is to reclaim what is lost, he must follow a path of puzzles.

With each step, a plot unfurls that stretches further beyond Azran's own troubles, reigniting divine rivalries. A goddess reaches from beyond the grave, and a chained god stirs. To make matters worse, Azran's fabricated friend sets out on his own, guided by a sinister hand.

Unburdened by the remembrance of his former life, Azran has a chance to earn back his humanity ... If only he could stifle his simmering rage. And like his anger, so too the secrets of his past refuse to stay buried, giving Azran a glimpse of the man he used to be. What will happen to this earth if he ever regains his memories?

The Bones of Prophecy is J. Rokusson's epic fantasy debut, and the first instalment in the Elder Blade trilogy. It features knuckle-popping fight scenes, salivating world-building, an action-packed magic system, and a labyrinthine mystery plot.

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