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The Detective's Sons

The Detective's Sons

Author: Signorelli

Very Good

ISBN-13: 9798890318923


Language: English

Category: Fiction / General


Dennis Carbonaro, a young man who hopes to become a lawyer, is the son of Dominic Carbonaro, a first-grade NYPD homicide detective. When Dennis' older brother, Ray, is arrested and tried for robbery and murder, Dennis is drawn into the case and concocts a plan to help Ray's defense. He enlists Ray's girlfriend, Kathy Reynolds, to help, and as they implement the plan, they fall in love, each feeling guilty for betraying Ray. The plan leads to unexpected consequences, betrayals, and more murders. The police department orders Dennis' father not to interfere in the investigation of his sons, but Dominic decides that family is thicker than "the job," and he assists Ray's defense attorney. Another detective, Bob McConnell, a long time adversary of Dominic is determined to put one or both of Dominic's sons in prison, and this conflict culminates in a dramatic ending.

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