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The Fallen Woman's Daughter

The Fallen Woman's Daughter

Author: Cox

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ISBN-13: 9798988009702


Language: English

Category: Fiction / Sagas


When eight-year-old Nora arrives at the Park Ridge School for Girls in 1932, she is sure there's been some mistake. She can't imagine why she and her little sister, Patsy, were torn from their mother only to be subjected to the cruel whims of the house matron, Mrs. Morris. When their mother fails to rescue them week after week-and Mrs. Morris drops hints that their mother may be a "fallen woman"-Nora begins to doubt they will ever see her again.

Nine years prior, at seventeen, Gertie Gufftason runs off with Lorenzo, the barker for the traveling carnival passing through her small coal-mining town in Southern Iowa. Thinking she is embarking on a fantastic adventure, Gertie is bitterly disappointed by the life that follows and is thrown into despair when the State removes their two daughters.

Gertie eventually tracks down her girls at the Park Ridge, but, expecting a warm welcome, she is shocked by Nora's cool reception. Nora reluctantly returns home with Gertie and Patsy, determined to live a more perfect life than her mother. It is only when she discovers a secret Gertie has kept hidden all these years that Nora begins to fully understand-and forgive-her mother's tragic choices . . .

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