The Hate I Feel: Alternate Cover (Rydeville Elite Book 7)

The Hate I Feel: Alternate Cover (Rydeville Elite Book 7)

Author: Davis

Very Good

ISBN-13: 9781916651142

ISBN-10: 1916651143

Language: English

Category: Fiction / Romance / Suspense


He'll make her pay for her father's crimes before taking revenge on the brothers who abandoned him.

Zayn Becker has struggled to protect his little brother in the aftermath of the car accident which claimed their parents' lives. They lost everything that night except for each other. What subsequently happened at the group home devastated Roman and set Zayn on a vengeful path that leads to the elite.

When a mysterious guardian emerges, Zayn is more than willing to help take down the brothers who abandoned him and Roman as babies. But first, he targets the sweet, innocent daughter of the man who owns the group home.

Emery Copeland lives a blissfully sheltered life as the only daughter of wealthy parents. She's not looking for a new relationship when Zayn sweeps her off her feet at summer school. Giving him her V-card feels right until his betrayal is revealed and her world implodes.

Kaiden Anderson hasn't stopped searching for the brothers his father gave away. His desire to find them is all-consuming, especially now it seems they're in danger.

Upon reuniting, Kai discovers Roman is broken and Zayn has a secret agenda. With the elite threat ever-present and their father in hiding overseas, Kai will stop at nothing to protect his youngest siblings.

Zayn regrets hurting Emery, and he's determined to win her back despite how she keeps pushing him away. Protecting her and Roman becomes his new goal, and he'll do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

Even if it means opening his heart to the brothers he once vowed to hate.

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