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The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA

The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA


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ISBN-13: 9780933685505

ISBN-10: 933685505.0

Language: English


A collection of encouraging writings from Grapevine magazine that illuminate the varied experiences of belonging to an AA group today

The home group is very much the beating heart of the Alcoholics Anonymous experience. In this volume of contributions to Grapevine, members speak about the importance and joys to be found in having a place that their sobriety considers home.

With contributions from a diverse array of AA members, The Home Group: Heartbeat of AA offers stories about starting and maintaining a local group, the value of referencing conference-approved literature when gathering, as well as inspiring and sometimes humorous personal tales about service, participation and sharing the Twelve Traditions with peers in environments that are warm and welcoming.

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