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The Peanut Allergy Answer Book, 3rd Ed.

The Peanut Allergy Answer Book, 3rd Ed.

Author: Young


ISBN-13: 9781592335671

ISBN-10: 1592335675.0

Language: English

Category: Health & Fitness / Allergies


A revised and updated version of the definitive peanut allergy book. The Most Cutting-Edge Research on Peanut Allergy Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Is Here! Did you know that avoidance of peanuts early in life may actually lead to peanut allergy, the opposite of what was originally believed? Researchers now believe that continued early avoidance of peanut may be behind the steady growth of peanut allergy in the United States and other countries.
This surprising new research is among the cutting edge information you'll find in the third edition of The Peanut Allergy Answer Book. Since its publication in 2001, rates of peanut allergy have tripled, prompting families, patients, and medical professionals to seek clear and concise answers about prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. The newest edition of this book outlines:
  • Promising new treatments, including oral desensitization and Chinese herbal medicines
  • The most recent recommendations for feeding at-risk infants and young children
  • The latest laboratory tests for determining the risk of life-threatening anaphylaxis
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