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The Train Ride: One Woman's Journey

The Train Ride: One Woman's Journey

Author: Lott

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ISBN-13: 9798869194459


Language: English

Category: Fiction / Christian / General


The Train Ride is about Sylvia Winters who was a successful business owner in New York City. She owned her own fashion magazine, which was turning a huge profit. Then the accident happened, and her life was turned upside down. Doctors thought it was fatal, but then life suddenly came back into her. God was not done with her. Her revival was not long; she went into a coma.

The train ride she experienced while in the coma would possibly turn out to be the best thing in her life. She will meet five people she treated badly on the train and will get a dose of reality. She will view them from their perspective and feel their pain. What she saw while in the coma would change her life forever.

Will she heed the warnings given to her about how she treated people? What path will she choose? Will she turn her life over to God and make amends, or will she choose to stay on her own path? Ride the train with Sylvia and see how it turns out.

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