The Two Worlds of Geratica Volume 2: The Mistress of Geratica

The Two Worlds of Geratica Volume 2: The Mistress of Geratica

Author: Anne Hampton

Format: Printed Book

Book Condition: Very Good

ISBN-13: 9781786938084

ISBN-10: 1786938081

Language: English

Category: Fiction / Science Fiction / General


The planet of Geratica has at its core a live dominant sex. The world is run by women and men are traditionally subservient. It is a monarchy, and its head of state must always be a queen. A schism at the core means that a parallel world has been created - Geraticai. On Geratica, Queen Alexandra reigns over a prosperous realm, but where discontent is brewing over the issue of 'male rights' in some quarters. Meanwhile on Geraticai, whose inhabitants tend to be more malevolent, Queen Victoria rules as a tyrant to her subjects, many of whom are impoverished. She is struggling to produce an heir, and has hatched a desperate plot to achieve her goal. If successful, this could mean the destruction of Geratica. In the second volume of this chronicle, we see how Queen Victoria launched her scheme, in the Geratican year 5000. Back in the present, Alexandra Radcliffe continues to be suspicious of the mysterious Fiona, stepmother of her boyfriend, Tom Ryder, and discovers a strange object in their hamlet wood which ends up taking her on an unexpected and perilous journey. Then the arrival of a highly unusual being results in a momentous decision having to be made and ultimately sets in motion a chain of events which will cause great social, political and civil unrest in both the worlds of Geratica and Geraticai...
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