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To the Boy in Berlin

To the Boy in Berlin

Author: Honey, Brandt


ISBN-13: 9781741750041

ISBN-10: 1741750040.0

Language: English

Category: Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Stories


A postcard from Leo Schmidt? I can't believe it. I'm trying to solve the mystery of a boy called Leopold Schmidt who migrated to Australia years ago. Leopold is long dead, but this new Leo is very much alive and kicking. Henni lives in Melbourne, Leo lives in Berlin. Different countries, different lives, so far apart; but sometimes the person furthest away is just the one you need. Emails fly as they explore the world according to Henni and Leo. It's friendly and funny, but deadly serious, too. Without Leo, Henni would never unravel the dark secrets from the past. Without Henni, Leo would have to save his friend Felix single-handed. Readers will seldom meet two such quirky, endearing characters as Henni and Leo.
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