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Troubleshooting for Jewelers: Common Problems, Why They Happen and How to Fix Them

Troubleshooting for Jewelers: Common Problems, Why They Happen and How to Fix Them

Author: Munro


ISBN-13: 9781770857353

ISBN-10: 1770857354.0

Language: English


This comprehensive resource is a must-have for all jewelers. It covers hundreds of mistakes, accidents, roadblocks and disasters that jewelers, especially beginner and intermediate, may encounter. Laid out in an instinctive problem-to-solution order and exhaustively illustrated, it is designed for quick reference and ease of use.

Troubleshooting for Jewelers opens with 150 diagnostic charts that act as a first point of reference to identify the most common problems. The principal task is to recognize where the jeweler is going wrong, so the book provides several options for possible causes alongside suggested remedies. These are organized by metalwork technique.

Other helpful features include:

  • Color-coded tabs for easy navigation
  • Descriptions of how a problem looks and feels
  • Potential causes are listed for each problem
  • Beautiful finished pieces are shown to demonstrate what can be achieved
  • Key stages of the technique are demonstrated
  • Images of the faults to aid easy diagnosis
  • Photographs demonstrate the best ways to remedy the issue at hand.

The book's five technique chapters contain two types of content, each with detailed text and dozens of photographs. Best Practices introduces topics that help to lay the foundations for problem-free skills and to prevent future problems; and Fix-Its describe faults and mistakes, their causes, and provide specific instructions to make repairs.

Troubleshooting for Jewelers closes with indispensable measurements and conversion tables, health and safety procedures, and a glossary. This is a practical reference that all jewelry makers will use at one time or another. It is an essential purchase, especially for trade and art schools and libraries.

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