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Unexpected Arrival

Unexpected Arrival

Author: Beck


ISBN-13: 9798869134318


Language: English


Waylaid by winter weather, Angelina Cruz's connecting flight in Ketchikan, Alaska is canceled. Hoping for a hot cup of coffee and a place to lay her head, she seeks refuge from the storm in a cozy restaurant by the waterfront. Her helpful waitress introduces her to the owner of the newest lodging establishment on the island.

The not-yet-open "Barndominium" was Noah Bishop's mother's dying wish. Since losing her five months ago, construction of the lodge has slowed down. He has one room ready to offer this stranded traveler. Introverted by nature, Noah isn't too keen on housing this city girl until the weather clears, but he knew his mother would insist on it.

A power outage the first night forces them to share an intimate setting. Angelina's talkative, outgoing personality awakens Noah, bringing him out of the fog of grief and back to life. Angelina finds her sexy host a bit grumpy with his one-word responses. When she learns the story behind his demeanor, she puts her marketing skills to work to help him create a strategy that will have guests lining up to stay here.

After experiencing the beauty of the Alaska landscape and falling for the ruggedly handsome man who calls this place home, Angelina wonders how she'll be able to go back to her regularly scheduled life in Miami once the storm passes. Can Noah convince her to take a chance on him? Will Angelina take advantage of this unexpected detour and make a reservation for love?

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