Was it a Cat I Saw?

Was it a Cat I Saw?

Author: Bontje


ISBN-13: 9781681529042

ISBN-10: 1681529041.0

Language: English

Category: Juvenile Fiction / Concepts / Words


Hannah loves palindromes. She even speaks in them! When Otto the cat runs away, Hannah and his owner go on a wordplay-filled quest to find him. But they, too, become lost. To get everyone home, Hannah will need a forward-and-backward-thinking solution. One thing's for certain: She's found a new friend--and if she ever asks his name, she'll see just how well matched they are. Written by debut picture book author Laura Bontje and illustrated by Emma Lidia Squillari, Was It a Cat I Saw? will delight readers who like their language silly and their friendships sincere.
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