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What's Up: 30 encouragements to fuel your faith

What's Up: 30 encouragements to fuel your faith

Author: Adeyinka-Burford


ISBN-13: 9781915749017

ISBN-10: 1915749018.0

Language: English

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction / Religious / Christian / Inspirational


A boundary-breaking devotional for 7-11 years that aims to help children know who they are in Christ.

There are so many distractions in life and it's easy to look for answers in all the wrong places, this book is an encouragement to look towards Jesus - no matter what! This book is engaging and fun, easy to read, accessible to all, facilitates spending time with God, helps to explore our God-given identity, tackles topical issues that young people face, and includes Bible verses and prayers and space to reflect. The style of the book is eye-catching, uses graphics to represent the real-life stories told, and also includes fun facts, jokes and challenges.

Joanna has selected 30 encouragements from speaking to children and their parents, reassuring children when making mistakes, lacking confidence, tricky friendships, feeling left out, overwhelmed, discouraged, being brave, being honest, tackling change and loss, comparing self with others, feeling anxious, uncertain on choices to make, fears, and feeling loved. The very personal voice of Joanna shines through, supporting and encouraging and being open and honest rather like a big sister. Encouragements are included from friends of Joanna as well - Rhys Stephenson (TV presenter), Emma Borquaye (Girlgotfaith), Pete Sheath (Creative media director) and Tracy Wood (Salvation Army Children's worker). Also available as audio recording of the devotional content recorded with Joanna, so enabling even the most reluctant of readers to engage with the content, and an ebook.
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