Width of a Circle

Width of a Circle

Author: Hirst

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ISBN-13: 9789815127966

ISBN-10: 9815127969.0

Language: English


When imagination becomes life A tale of a mercurial teen who discovers who she is through a developing friendship with an enchanting demon Zola Tapp, a curious and impulsive teen, has been sent to stay with her oddball relatives in rural Malaysia while her parents try to sort out their deteriorating relationship in the UK. On a pre-dinner exploration of her aunt and uncle 's oil-palm plantation, Zola stumbles upon an injured boy. In a panic, she rushes to get help. By the time she returns, the body has vanished and the incident is being blamed on her famed over-imagination. Zola battles self-doubt and those out to deceive her as she sets out to discover what has happened to the injured boy. This triggers a chain of events which result in her being drawn deeper into the Malaysian underworld and into a sinister plot that tests her character and emotions to the extreme. Her healthy snarky skepticism towards vampires, zombies and the paranormal is also challenged when she meets Maya, an enchanting elfin demon with a secret past and mysterious abilities that she must keep hidden from the rest of the world.
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